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Terms and Conditions

Insurance & Membership

We require an annual Membership fee of £18.00 through Insure4Sport, which covers your child for participation within the class. 

Card Payments 

We accept payments via our card machine. 

Payment cards we accept are: 



Refund Policy 

Refunds are only given if a gymnast is unable to attend classes for a period of up to 6 weeks due to injury. 

If you have paid by our JoinIn or System it is the customers responsibility to cancel payment upon your child leaving the club. 

One month's notice is required to cancel your gymnasts place with us. However if you request for a cancellation of membership if we receive written confirmation of this via email before the 15th of the month we will cancel any further payments as a gesture of good will.

If you wish for Flics to cancel the payment upon your behalf we can do this only by written confirmation from yourself via email to –


If you have any disputes about overpayment of fee’s we will always ask for proof of cancellation via email. 

If payments continue this is not Flics responsibility and we do not offer refunds for over payment of fees. 


Each 1 hour recreational class at Flics is at a price of £9 per hour.


This means you only pay for 48 weeks of the year. This gives the club the right to cancel two sessions within the Christmas period as well as a further two cancellations for unforeseen circumstances. This allowance runs September to September annually.

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