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Class Pathway

We have a wide variety of classes for children of all ages and abilities at Flics. We work on a progression system in line with our Flics medals awards which acts as a guide for where your child will fit into each class. Below shows an example pathway of how your child could progress through our classes, and what types of skills are required for each level.

Gym tots - Parent and Toddler

Gym tots - Independent

Level 1 - Age 5/6

Level 2 - Age 5/6

Level 3 - Age 6/7

Level 4 - Age 7/8

Each class has a total of 4 medals to pass including Floor, Vault, Beam and Bars

Gymnasts progress to the next class once they have completed the medals within their class level, these can be tracked in your childs membership books.

We also offer squad classes for gymnasts who are school age and can progress to our Novice squad from any level recreational class when they can meet the required skills. The required skills for each squad group are shown in the videos below.

If you have any questions about the progression of your gymnasts please come and speak to your lead recreational coach or email us at


Level 8 - Novice

Level 9 - Development

Level 10 - Performance

Level 5 - Age 8/9

Level 6 - Age 9/10

Level 7 - Age 9+

Gym Tots - Parent and Toddler

This class is for pre school children from walking age. Our parent and toddler classes have a weekly theme which includes a group warm up and stretch, floor and apparatus circuits, and a themed cool down. Parents can come into the gym with their gymnasts to explore with the guidance of our coaches.

Gym Tots - Independent

This class is for pre school children aged 3+. This class is a structured version of the parent and toddler class and children come in to the gym with just their coaches where they will take part in a themed warm up and stretch, 3 apparatus circuits, and a themed cool down

Level 1

This class is for our reception aged gymnasts. During these classes we work to the NatGAP junior gem awards which includes skills such as ...

Level 2

These classes are for gymnasts in year 1 and upwards. We cover skills from the emerald NatGAP awards which includes such as;

Floor - Basic rolls, cartwheels, jumps

Beam - Travel, basic mounts and dismounts

Bars - Swings, basic mounts and shapes

Level 3

In our Sapphire classes we cover skills from the NatGAP awards scheme which includes some of the following skills;

Floor - Roundoffs, handstands, advanced rolls

Beam - On beam acro such as rolls and handstands, jumps and leaps

Bars - Undershoots, back hip circles, casts

Level 4

In these classes we cover skills from the Ruby section of the NatGAP awards. Some of these skills include;

Floor - Walkovers, handsprings and somersault preparation

Beam - Advanced jumps, somersault dismounts, cartwheels

Bars - Advanced undershoots and high bar dismounts, squat on and 3/4 giants

Level 5

Diamond classes are our top level of recreational classes. During these classes we cover some of the following skills;

Floor - Front and back somersaults, linked tumbles such as round off, flick, tuck back and free cartwheels

Beam - Walkovers and round offs on beam, handstand mounts and cartwheel/round off tuck back dismounts

Bars - Sole circles, cast to handstand and clear hip circles

Level 6

Level 7

Novice Squad

Novice squad is our entry level competition squad and mostly take part in internal competitions. Gymnasts can be invited to trial Novice squad from any recreational class and will be invited by your child's lead recreational coach. Children who want to trial novice squad should be able to achieve the full routines in each apparatus shown in the video. If you would like to find out more about trialing novice squad or what your gymnast needs to work on to to help for them join novice squad, speak to your lead recreational coach at reception and we will be able to give you some feedback and guidance.

Development Squad

Development squad is our second level of squad who take part in both internal and external competitions. Gymnasts are mostly invited to trial development squad directly from Novice squad, however they can also be invited to trial from our recreational classes. If your child would like to be a part of our development squad they squad be able to perform the full routines shown in the videos on each apparatus. If you would like to find out more about our development squad come and speak to us at reception, or email us at and we can give you some further guidance on how your child can achieve all the requirements.

Performance Squad

Performance squad is our top level squad where gymnasts train between 5 and 7 hours per week and take part in external competitions to represent the club. Gymnasts are mostly invited to trial our performance squad from the development squad, however we do take enquiries for our performance squad at In the video are the required routines for gymnasts in our performance squad and if you would like to find out more information please come and speak to your coach or email us.

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